const mark = {
profession: 'Front-end Developer',
developerSince: 2000,
description: 'Frontend developer interested in JavaScript, front-end architecture and tooling. Extensive knowledge of webdesign, back-end technologies and CSS. Passionate about Node.js, Angular(JS), React and a Vue.js enthousiast!',
skills: [
'JavaScript', 'Web Components', 'Vue', 'React', 'Angular(JS)', 'Node', 'HTML', 'CSS', 'Sass', 'Grunt', 'Rollup', 'NPM', 'Webdesign', 'Logodesign', 'Azure DevOps', 'Agile', 'Git', 'TFS'
software: [
'VS Code', 'Photoshop', 'Illustrator'
age: 40,
family: {
wife: 'Margarita',
sons: ['Mateo']
hobbies: [
'Ukulele', '(Procreate) Art'
city: 'Almere',
country: 'The Netherlands',
company: 'MrTurbo',
email: '',
linkedin: ''